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Unit Pricing and Layout

With Room Availability

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UnitRoomLevelRoom SizeAvailablePrice pwPlanApply
11aFirstMedium 205viewapply
11bFirstLarge 215viewapply
11cFirstLarge with balcony 225viewapply
22aFirstMedium 205viewapply
22bFirstLarge 215viewapply
22cFirstLarge with balcony 225viewapply
33aFirstMedium 205viewapply
33bFirstLarge 215viewapply
33cFirstLarge with balcony 225viewapply
44aFirstMedium with balcony 220viewapply
44bFirstLarge with balcony 230viewapply
55aFirstMedium with balcony 220viewapply
55bFirstLarge with balcony 230viewapply
66aGroundMedium 205viewapply
66bGroundLarge with courtyard 225viewapply
66cGroundLarge with courtyard 225viewapply
77aGroundMedium with courtyard 220viewapply
77bGroundLarge with courtyard 230viewapply
88GroundStandard 185viewapply
89GroundStandard 185viewapply
810GroundStandard 185viewapply
811GroundStandard 185viewapply
812GroundStandard 185viewapply
813GroundStandard 185viewapply
814GroundStandard 185viewapply
815GroundStandard 185viewapply

Rental Terms

  • Price is per room per week – single person
  • Price includes gas, electricity, water and unlimited internet
  • Pricing is based on 6-12 months lease
  • Pricing will be higher for short term stays (subject to availability)
  • 4 weeks bond plus 2 weeks rent in advance
  • Sorry no pets allowed
  • No smoking anywhere on the premises